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Provider & Resource Utilization

Gain visibily and predictibility


Exepron Health care plan

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Sustainable increases in Patient Satisfaction

Reduce Expenses

Reduce expenses through Discharge and Length of Stay Management

What is Exepron Health?

Exepron Health is a secure cloud-based software solution that provides enhanced patient visibility and predictive physician utilization specifically for Discharge Length of Stay management for Hospitals and Hospital-systems.

The value of Exepron Health

An implementation of Exepron Health’s software provides actionable insights and transparency to the complexity of the Healthcare in all specialties. This transparency allows for predictability of discharges, resource utilization and physician availability, which in turn leads to decreased costs, increased revenue and ultimately improved patient satisfaction.

Tranche Health & Exepron Health

Tranche Health is proud to be an Exepron Health implementation partner providing implementation analytics, data benchmarking and reporting.

Case Study: The Children’s Hospital at Erlanger

The Children’s Hospital at Erlanger implemented Exepron Health with the goals of providing visibility and predictability to Discharges and Length of Stay with their NICU.

Implementation Successes

A few successes of the implementation include:


  • 9% decrease in Length of Stay
  • 12% reduction in Expenses
  • 8% increase in Net Income on 6% lower volume
  • Deferment of $2.8M in Capital Expenditure


Watch the video to the right to learn more.

Interested in learning how Exepron Health can help you manage Discharges and Length of Stay for your Hospital?