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Exepron Health

Exepron Health

Exepron Health is a secure cloud-based patient visibility and predictive physician and resource utilization platform focused on actionable insight to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of healthcare.


Implementation of Exepron Health provides actionable insights and transparency to the complexity of the Healthcare in all specialties. This transparency allows for predictability of resources and physician availability, which in turn leads to decreased costs, increased revenue and ultimately improved patient satisfaction.

Manage Patient Flow in Real-time

Problem: Variable Patient Flow

Solution: Exepron Health


Implementing Exepron Health across all medical services within a Health System or hospital. will provide real-time visibility into the availability of beds as well as the physicians available to treat those patients in need.


This increased visibility will allow for a steady and predictable flow of patients from the ED to admission across your Health System or hospital. This predictable flow will drive throughput, reduce costs and ultimately increase revenue.

Predict Provider Availibility& Utlilization




Exepron Health provides real-time visibility into provider utilization and availability. This in turn, reduces provider fatigue, over/under utilization and excess premium pay.


This real-time visibility will allow for a steady and predictable provider utilization across the Health System. This predictable availability and data-driven utilization will drive throughput, reduce costs and ultimately increase revenue.

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Revenue Cycle

Predict Resource Availibility & Utilization

PROBLEM: Unpredictable Resource Availability



The availability of a health system’s tangible resources at the time of care is critical in providing high-quality patient care. Knowing which resources are available and the utilization of each can improve overall patient and provider satisfaction and potentially outcomes.


Exepron Health’s real-time resource availability and utilization reporting facilitates action. Whether looking for an open bed or other resource – Exepron Health lets you know when its avaiable.

Improve Administration & Provider Communication 




Many times it seems as though Healthcare Administrators and Providers are coming from two completely different places. Too often, there is a perceived conflict between bottom-line financial performance and patient care.


Financial performance and patient care do not need to be mutually exclusive. Exepron Health provides insights that allow for collaboration and communication based on data. This data-centric communication can result in increase trust, focus and ultimately action that the results in the best possible outcome for the organization and the patient.

Exepron Health Provider
Revenue Cycle analytics

Actionable Data & Analytics


Problem: Lack of Measurable Insight

Solution: Exepron Health


Exepron Health has a suite of customizable reports and dashboards which will help Health Systems and hospitals gain valuable and measurable insight into patient flow, physician available and various other metrics and KPIs.


Exepron Health’s reporting, metrics and KPIs can be customized to the needs of the organization. Gaining measurable insight adds confidence to the decision-making process and adds a layer of transparency that is vital to achieving excellent outcomes as well as reducing waste.

Customized Care Plans

Problem: Inefficient Patient Care

Solution: Exepron Health


The time a provider spends with the patient needs to be as efficient as possible, all while providing the highest quality of care at the lowest cost. Exepron Health’s customized built-in Care Plans facilitate efficient and comprehensive interactions between the patient and the physician.

Exepron Health care plan
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