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Metrics-Focused Revenue Cycle Analytics | Tranche Health
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Revenue Cycle Analytics

Revenue Cycle Analytics

Gaining insight from Revenue Cycle data can be a complicated process. Our Revenue Cycle analytics methodology combines intuition with best practice to find actionable insights within your revenue cycle data. These insights are then presented in an insightful visual format that is easy to understand and implement.


We have built our Revenue Cycle analytics to be robust as well as replicable. Our Revenue Cycle analytics program is customized to your Revenue Cycle with industry best practice metrics and KPIs kept in focus.

Revenue Cycle process

Payer Analytics

In today’s ever-changing healthcare world, it is more important than ever to have insight into payer behavior. The goal with Tranche Health’s payer analytics is to provide a historical analysis of payer behavior to allow your Revenue Cycle to be proactive, rather than reactive to payer reimbursement changes.


Our customized payer analytics reporting suite will give you insight into payer payment timing, trends and other pertinent payer metrics.

Accounts Receivable Analytics

For many Revenue Cycles, your accounts receivable is your largest and most valuable asset. But is there hidden opportunity in your accounts receivable? What about aged accounts receivable ready to be written off?


Tranche Health’s customized accounts receivable analytics will shed light on the opportunities and exposure hidden in your accounts receivable. Using proven aging techniques and focused reporting, our  accounts receivable analytics will give you insight into your accounts receivable analytics like never before.

Cash Flow Analytics

The lifeblood of any Revenue Cycle is cash. At the end of the day, cash is the fundamental measure of a Revenue Cycle’s success or failure. But how to you know if your organization’s Revenue Cycle cash flow is performing at peak health?


Tranche Health’s customized Cash Flow Analytics can help. The goal of our Cash Flow is to provide actionable insight into cash acceleration opportunities, hidden cash potential as well as an overall picture of your organizations cash flow.

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