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Revenue Cycle Reporting & Analytics

We support Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management operations by providing ongoing value focused on reporting and analytics. From Executive Dashboard design, Payer behavior analytics, to best practice Revenue Cycle Report development training. Our goal is to develop a timely synthesized Healthcare Revenue Cycle reporting and analytics strategy that allows for objective decision making.

Service Offerings

Executive Dashboard design

Curated and well-designed Executive Dashboard that facilitate actionable decision-making.

Executive report development

We work with management to develop synthesized Executive reports.

Payer behavior analytics

Payer behavior analytics to ensure that the expected outcomes and strategies are yielding results.

Metric and KPI development

A co-operative development of metrics and KPIs to align operators, management and investors.

Metric and KPI normalization

Normalization of current metrics and KPIs to ensure adjustment for seasonality and context.

Metric definition and calculation

A co-operative exercise to define metrics and calculation methodology to ensure understanding and drive expectations.


Comparison KPIs to industry benchmarks and performance targets.

Standard reporting package development

Development of standard reporting packages designed to provide visibility into performance and trends.

Report design

Hands-on report design session for report producing staff to foster utilization and create value for report consumers.

Analytics best practice training

Hands-on report analytical best practice training for management, analysts and line-level staff.

If you are a Private Equity firm or Healthcare Organization who is looking for Revenue Cycle reporting and analytics including Executive Dashboard Design, Metric and KPI development we can help.