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Revenue Cycle Services | Tranche Health
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Revenue Cycle Services

Revenue Cycle Consulting

Our Revenue Cycle consulting practice is built on a framework of focused assessment. This phased assessment approach allows us to deep dive into all areas of the Revenue Cycle from its inception to fruition, to assess both opportunities and exposure.


This phased evaluation process allows us to gain a holistic overview of your entire Revenue Cycle and to tailor custom solutions to your specific needs.


Revenue Cycle Analytics

Gaining insight from Revenue Cycle data can be a complicated process. Our revenue cycle analytics methodology combines intuition with best practice to find actionable insights within your revenue cycle data. These insights are then presented in an intuitive visual format that is easy to understand and implement.

Our revenue cycle analytics program is fully customized to your Revenue Cycle, while considering industry best practice metrics and KPIs.

Revenue Cycle Strategy

Strategy, another one of Tranche Health’s Revenue Cycle Services, is designed based on the opportunities and exposures uncovered during our assessments and analytics process.

Our Revenue Cycle strategies are implementation focused and directed. Based on the opportunities and exposures identified earlier, the Implement phase puts solutions into place to address these items. The Implement phase is a formal and prescribed plan with deliverable, milestones, and reports along the way.


Exepron Health

Exepron Health is a patient visibility and predictive physician-scheduling platform focused on actionable insight to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of healthcare.


This innovative cloud-based software solution allows for real-time visibility into patient metrics, provider coverage and bed usage. Exepron Health’s customizable dashboards provide insight like never before.

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